Prim Sport 1st generation

This model was first produced in 1968 as a brand new design of waterproof watches with a rotating ring, plastic strap, shining hands and dial. The aim was not only to meet the wishes of the military order, but also to meet domestic demand for sports watches. The watch was designed in such a way that, unlike steel Orlík watches, it could be put into standard series production. Their production for the army began in June 1968. Serial production of 1st generation Prim Sport watches, intended for regular shopping malls, was launched in 1970, and their price was 590 Czech crowns. Their shockproof and waterproof case was tested at 4at overpressure. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement of calibre 68, with manual winding.

PRIM SPORT 1 caliber 68 (1971)​

Immediately after the launch, this model has become one of the most popular. The first version, with a black dial, was in the summer of 1971 enlarged by additional color variants – blue, red and ocher. At the same time, the original black PVC strap was replaced by a more modern rubber strap that fitted better to the wrist. Unfortunately, over time, the life of the straps from this material proved to be unsatisfying, and another material was used in the second generation of Prim Sport watches.

PRIM SPORT 1 caliber 68 (1968)​

Prim Sport 1st generation watches have been frequently complained by customers who regularly use them for diving because of moisture penetrating the case. The cause was a leaking crown, which had only one sealing ring. In the series produced since the beginning of 1973 this deficiency was repaired by adding a second sealing ring to the crown. The production of the first generation Prim Sport was finished at the end of the first half of the 1970s.

Source: ČTK/AP

Quality and waterproofness was tested for example on July 30, 1971 by František Venclovský, who was the first Czechoslovak to swim across the English Channel, and during his performance he wore this model of watches.

Prim Sport 1st generation were worn by many Czech actors, for example Jiří Bartoška or Luděk Sobota.

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