Shipping and payment terms

Delivery time

The delivery time is calculated on weekdays and is about 2 days for Czech Republic, and up to one week for outside Czech Republic. When dispatching the goods, the customer is informed of this fact by e-mail.

Postage and packing

Shipping and handling is FREE.

With each shipment, the customer receives a tax document (invoice).

Methods of payment

  • By bank transfer – the possibility of payment by bank transfer from any bank to the account of the seller (Czech Republic – Fio banka). Account number is:
    • IBAN: CZ0720100000002601540642


      Use your order number as a variable symbol. Once the money is credited to our account, we ship the goods.
  • Payment on-line by credit card via payment gateway.
  • Payment on-line by Paypal gateway

The delivered goods remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the purchase price in accordance with the valid provisions of Sections 443 – 446 of the Commercial Code. z., resp. § 601 of the Commercial Code.

We will answer any questions about delivery conditions

PRIMKAŘ expedition team