Prim Sport II

Again, it was a waterproof watch, with a rotating ring allowing you to read shorter time periods, shining hands and a dial. The minute and hour hands are in a simple shape and have the same luminous color as the dial. The production also included several models with different color of dials – black, blue and red. Due to problems with crown sealing in the previous generation of sports watches, the second generation of Prim Sport was from the very beginning of its production equipped with a crown with two gasket rings.

For this version of the sports watches was designed a new plastic strap with oval holes, made of softened PVC. Initially, a standard metal buckle was used on the strap, but at the end of 1973 it was replaced by a plastic buckle. All three color variants of the 2nd generation Prim Sport watches were sold in mid 1973. The price of the watch was 600 Czech Crowns.

The 2nd generation of Prim Sport was very successful right from the start. The red dial version was even exported to Western Europe under the brand “Meister Anker”. This model was also widely popular with soldiers. The Czechoslovak army repeatedly ordered it for a military diving kit. In 1976, this type of watches was ordered also by the Polish Navy.

The 2nd generation of Prim Sport has been in production for over 20 years. During that time, the design of the dials was changed several times, the shape of the case was slightly changed, but the barrel-shaped outline, rectangular handles, screw cap, plastic swivel ring and plastic strap, the typical features of this model, have always been preserved. This is the best-selling version of the Prim watch.

The list of celebrities who made this watch famous includes for example the long-distance swimmer in cold waters, Jan Novák, who in 1974 swam over the English Channel with the 2nd generation Prim watch on. Together with the above-mentioned František Venclovský in 1990 they swam together over the Lake Baikal, and both athletes were wearing these watches. The 2nd generation of Prim Sport watches was also one of the most popular watch brands among the miners of the Ostrava-Karviná Mines. The reason was their high durability and long life.

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