Magnetism and mechanical watches

Magnetism and mechanical watches Magnets are everywhere: in this day and age we can’t escape them. Practically everything around us houses a magnetic field: our cellphones, clock radios, sound systems, tablets, and even the tablet case and certain handbags; the list goes on. Magnetism being present in everyday life poses no real threat, but it […]

Prim Sport 1st generation

This model was first produced in 1968 as a brand new design of waterproof watches with a rotating ring, plastic strap, shining hands and dial. The aim was not only to meet the wishes of the military order, but also to meet domestic demand for sports watches. The watch was designed in such a way […]

Prim Sport II

Again, it was a waterproof watch, with a rotating ring allowing you to read shorter time periods, shining hands and a dial. The minute and hour hands are in a simple shape and have the same luminous color as the dial. The production also included several models with different color of dials – black, blue […]