Our story begins like any fairy tale with a good end. Behind the nine mountains and nine rivers, in a beautiful Moravian village took place an extraordinary wedding! The bride and groom received lots of gifts and one couple PRIMs. An innocent gift has since then became an obsession!

They began to search, save, and restore this small Czech treasure back to life, day after day. The road was thorny. To find the right pieces for renovation, reassure future customers about the indisputable quality of the watches, or let the world know about their small project. Lots of PRIM mechanical watches remember the first trip to the moon, the collapse of the original Praděd tower or the assassination of US President John Kennedy. There was no other option than to save these history-remembering machines! They formed a team of watchmakers, merchants, marketers, and enthusiasts who all want to return glory to these old ticking time pieces.

The Primář was born! Patronus and companion of PRIM watch lovers.

We will be honored to offer you a watch from our collection.